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...what's on God's heart?

The Bible tells us God's heart is for all people from every nation. Kairos unpacks this in the light of scripture, history and what God is doing today. Whether you live in Britain or are called to move halfway around the world, Kairos will help you explore how you can reflect God's heart for the nations in your situation. We all have a part to play in God's global mission – Kairos can help you discover yours.

For churches & individuals

Kairos could play a significant part in your church's discipleship programme ...

  • Bringing understanding that the Great Commission defines the church's existence on earth
  • Building a vision for an inclusive and unified church
  • Mobilising the church to share Jesus with the unreached and all who are not yet followers of Jesus, starting right where they are
  • Maturing God's people as they discover their place in God's kingdom jigsaw plan

This nine-session course can be run in different formats, depending on your availability and needs. It's ideal as part of a discipleship process and offers solid preparation for short term mission trips.

Hope for Muslims - God's time is now

June 5 to 21

Hope for Muslims Logo smallDr David Garrison, author of the acclaimed book A Wind in the House of Islam will be taking part in a speaking tour of the UK in June, endorsed by Kairos and other member agencies of Global Connections. 

Dr Garrison tells us that today, in more than 70 separate locations in 29 nations new movements of Muslim-background followers of Christ are taking place. This is a story of how, in answer to prayer and other factors, thousands of Muslims are choosing to become followers of Jesus.

The Hope for Muslims tour aims to be a catalyst for more prayer and more action on reaching out to our Muslim neighbours. For more information and a list of venues and dates, please see

What people are saying about Kairos

Where to start?! Kairos changed my whole thinking, transformed my understanding of mission, and finally enabled me to let God break into my dreams!


Kairos is relevant to the UK at the moment, with so many different nations living here.

What's involved?

Kairos is designed to suit a variety of learning styles. It includes articles and DVDs, prayer, group discussion and time for personal reflection, as trained facilitators lead you through the material. Kairos is less of a course and more of a personal journey to discover how God is leading you to share his love with all peoples.

God's heart – your heart...

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Kairos & Me

'Kairos focused me on God's plan for His church.'

'A challenging and potentially life-changing exposure to what God is doing - and still wants to do - in this world.'

'An eye-opener for Christians'

'... extremely encouraging to see that I have a part to play in this great task of world mission.'